welcome to cut strings!

Welcome to Cut Strings! My name is Jonathan and I'm a 21 year old graphic designer that's really bored. I created Cut Strings as a fun resource site where you can find different resources to use on your own graphics or your website. I hope you enjoy your stay here and leave me a comment in the cbox if you use anything. Thanks!! <3



Owner: Jonathan
Version: 02 - The Altar
Opened: August 2, 2016
Host: Paris Falls


august 11, 2016

» 10 new textures
» 10 new brush packs
» watercolor header tutorial
» wind effect tutorial

lookin' you over

date: august 11, 2016 * music: banks - warm water

God I updated so quickly, and I'm enjoying doing it. That's how you can tell how bored I am.. So I made a shit ton of new content, I made 10 new textures and 10 new brushes, and then I even threw in two tutorials to learn how to do some of the stuff that I do :) The header tutorial is a good one I'm happy with how that one turned out. I hope you guys get some good use out of things. I also created a new layout to go along with this new update. I thought it was time the Madonna layout that I made had been up when I first started working on the site so I've seen it a lot longer than you guys have so I wanted to get rid of it. So this layout is fresh out of the oven :) But anyways, let me know what else you want to see on the site in the cbox, I want to try and pack this website full of shit.

i used to care whatcha' think 'bout me

date: august 1, 2016 * music: banks - fuck with myself

What's up guys Cut Strings is oppennnnnn! I made like five pages of content over the past week or so and I decided that that was cool enough to open. I didn't really want to keep it "coming soon" for too long. I wanted to open the site and get it going. I really hope you all enjoy what I have for you all. There's a good bit of stuff and I tried to put all original stuff that I made myself in, things that can't be found on all the other websites. I did some things I haven't done before like background psds and text psds. I hope those all work out for you and they aren't fucked. I put some of my brushes in too that I use often for things, so people that are asking for my abr can have a little something from me :)
Give me some feedback on what you think and some new stuff you want to see <3